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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I graduated in 93, but this is funny & this, too!

9 Reasons It’s Better To Be A College Freshman Now Than It Was In 1998.
School is back in session, everyone. How was your summer? Ten years ago this week, I was a teenager entering my first semester as a college freshman. Here are 9 reasons why this year’s college freshman have it a lot better than I did back in 1998.

1. It was almost impossible to stalk people.
Some chick in your lecture hall is hot? Now you can just hop Online and see all of her naughty Halloween photos from last year on Facebook. You can also take part in the newfangled fad of telling everyone in the universe what you’re doing RIGHT NOW. Hiding in the bushes outside of someone’s dorm window is so ’90s.

2. We had to go to the library.
Don’t cry to me because your T.A. won’t let you use Wikipedia as a source for your paper. Only six nerdy eighth graders knew how to use Google in 1998. I think I used Alta Vista. Ewww. The rest of the time I had to get an actual book from the actual library for whatever bullshit my rhetoric teacher wanted me to write about. Double ewww.

Go here to see the rest, it's hilarious!

And, in response, and before my time...

How about those from 1978:

1) We had photo albums, and our computers used punch cards

2) We went to the library but think about what’s in books that are over 30 yrs old.

3) Our dorm room shared a phone in the hall

4) We had a common room on the ground floor to watch tv.. by the way.. who shot JR ?

5) We were buying LP’s ( and recording our friends music on cassette tapes )

6) Roughly the last time the Pgh Pirates had a winning season

7) We were still watching the original Star Wars (along with Rocky Horror and Kentucky Fried Movie)

8) People occasionally hijaced a plane, but nobody got hurt.

9) We had to tell people they sucked in person.

Perspective is everything I guess

via Miss Cellania

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