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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey, look!

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

I got this by going to The Blog Readability Test and typing in the url for this blog.

I found this at TYWKIWDBI and got the same score he did. Go and try other blogs!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another new blog

It's called Cake Wrecks and it's here on Blogspot, so check it out!

Care to waste a lot of time?

Like Calvin & Hobbes?

Go here!

Can you guess the 100 most commonly used English words?

It's a little frustrating in that there is a 5-minute time limit and if your answer isn't correct you have to erase it before entering the next guess. Also, your correct answers are displayed in order of their frequency of use, not alphabetically, so you can't instantly see if you've already tried something.

As much as I read, I really expected to do well, but only got 31/100 my first try. My excuse, the tv is on and kids are getting ready for bed and husband is talking to his mother, in other words, life!

Go here and try.
Found here.


Olympic gold medalist and outspoken Darfur activist Joey Cheek has had his visa revoked by the Chinese embassy, hours before the speedskating champion was set to fly to China. And he wasn't even planning on wearing a mask when he got there.

Chinese officials don't need a reason to revoke anyone's visa but, in their eyes, they had plenty of reasons to snatch Cheek's. He is the founder of Team Darfur, a group of 70 athletes whose goal it is to raise global awareness of the human-rights violations taking part in the Darfur region of Sudan. China's military, economic and diplomatic ties to Sudan have been well-publicized in the lead-up to the Games.

Said Cheek of his ban in a prepared statement:

"I am saddened not to be able to attend the Games. The Olympic Games represent something powerful: that people can come together from around the world and do things that no one thought were possible. However, the denial of my visa is a part of a systemic effort by the Chinese government to coerce and threaten athletes who are speaking out on behalf of the innocent people of Darfur.

Cheek was going to China to support the athletes on Team Darfur -- including soccer player Abby Wambach -- and to promote the cause, one that he has championed for years. After winning gold in the Torino Games, Cheek announced he was donating his $25,000 USOC bonus to Darfur and implored his sponsors to do the same. It seems that Joey Cheek is truly one of the good guys.

And now he's out of China before he even got there. With the Games getting closer (just two days away now), the world seemed ready to forget about all the Chinese issues in order to focus on the Games themselves. Unfortunately, China's actions make that impossible. In a time when we should be wondering who will light the Olympic cauldron, whether Michael Phelps can break an all-time record and how Liu Xiang will react to the pressure of 1.3 billion of his countrymen hanging on his every step, we're instead left to discuss the Chinese government's reluctance to allow any dissension in their country, despite repeated promises that they'd clean up their act when the Olympics came to town.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top 10 Questions not to ask in a job interview

10. What's your company's policy on severance pay?

9. How long does it take your company's bureaucracy to get around to firing somebody for poor performance?

8. Do you have a random drug testing policy?

7. Does your company's life insurance cover suicide?

6. How in depth are your criminal background checks?

5. Does your company's insurance consider genital herpes a pre-existing condition?

4. How many sick days do you allow each employee before you stop paying them for not being here?

3. Does your insurance cover sex-change operations?

2. Does your internet access have a firewall that blocks pornographic websites?

1. How frequently do your accountants audit petty cash?

found here and here

Can you tell a female from a shemale?

Click here to take the test!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Movie Review: Mummy 3

I just got to watch The Mummy: The Dragon Emporer on

It's alright, pretty much what you'd expect, alot like the first two. Brendon Fraiser topless was a high point ;)

I'm really glad I didn't have to waste money to see it in the theater, but I did like it.

Tell me what you think!

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