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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Did you see Sicko? Were you outraged? Then you should see POV: Critical Condition. Go here for a synopsis.

I just watched this show on PBS GA 8. It's hard to stop crying because this is happening to us, too. I remember watching Sicko and being outraged. Now, I'm just depressed. Can anyone really change anything? Will anyone? It sure doesn't feel like it. We do have Medicaid and they fight over every medication and service. They deny everything and make us go through an appeals process for everything. This means the doctors have to "pre-approve" everything, then send the Medicaid people tons of paperwork. This means we don't get the medications we need when we need them, we have to wait 3-4 months just to see if they will cover it. They only do about half the time. I am seriously approaching the end of my rope. I would give up if we didn't have two young children.

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