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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember, Remember, the 11th of September

Neatorama has a list of all the victims.

Funtasticus has a beautiful collection of photos from that day.

Profiles of the victims: here and here (from Miss Celellania)

Miss Celellania also has a host of other links here.

Where were you?

I was at home, enjoying a day off with my husband and oldest child. I was pregnant with my youngest. We would keep the TV off as much as possible when we were off to make it “quality time” together. My mother in law called us from work and told us to turn on the TV. She didn’t tell us a channel, just “turn on the tv, now.”
Oh, my, we just stood there, staring. It had been on Headline News, so we saw pictures of the first tower. My hands covered my belly where my daughter was growing and my husband held our son. We just sat there in front of the tv all day. All our plans were on hold.
All we could think was, “The world has moved on.” (from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novels)
In a way, it was like the Challenger explosion. We talked about it being a defining moment in history, like the Kennedy assasination.
My first reaction when I saw the list above was to put my hand on the screen and pray for the people who died and especially their families. I pray that theay have been able to move on. Having lost my parents and other family (before that day), I know they will never “get over it,” but I hope they have been able to “move on” with their lives.
My prayers also go out to the people living in hardship and dying of hunger and violence around the world - in the past and today.


We need to address why we went into Irac, but I'll leave that for later.

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